Sunday, August 3, 2014

large table topper

remember the kite template I was having so much fun with?
this is the largest kite
it makes a topper about 24 inches wide
(don't cha like the way I "staged" the pic with flowers to take away from my 
ugly ironing board cover) LOL
with the tags on no less.  class I tell ya! ha ha

anywho, this was fun to whip up.
I cut and sewed this in less than a half hour
now to find a backing and quilt er up
I have a friend in mind for this beauty!

and my treasure rocks are drying nicely.
remember them?

too too fun for the kids......
if anyone is interested in the recipe let me know and I will post it.
it involves salt, flour, coffee grounds, water and sand
and food coloring if you want to tint them a little
mine were tinted with red but are drying gray
hope I will be able to tell them apart from the boys 
I don't think the boys will appreciate getting rings LOL
hope your day was productive. 
this was done all before 7 am


Julierose said...

Lovely large size table topper, Dawn--and yes, nice staging Hugs, Julierose

quilted fabric art said...

Now that is a great idea for a easy table topper. At first I'm looking at it going kite? What is she talking about - then I see it - yes! Each section piece looks like a kite a duh, she did say kite template. Where did you get the template? Or did you just make it up. Any tips?