Tuesday, August 12, 2014

summer is flying by

pretty soon it will be time to make some of these dough ornaments

and maybe Dunkin will pick a winner in a giveaway

he is the technical one around here

although Phoebe picks up things quickly too! maybe SHE will draw a winner
on a giveaway
if I can get my room cleaned and decide what I can put in a giveaway

because as we all know
THIS is coming soon.......
I know it! 
I am sorry.
it IS coming upon us too quickly for my liking!
my Christmas box this year is empty! everything I made was for the yard sale
Hope I can find some good bargains there!
is your summer flying by too?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I had to drive my Mom to a drs appt and noticed how many of the trees are turning color already - scarey. Although I just love the fall season, I dread was is to follow.

Julierose said...

Our trees here in drought ridden SE CT are turning yellows and oranges already- I do love Fall displays--but in the Fall, please, not August!! P.S. I cannot answer your emails because of DMARC...some new computer protection thing that AOL and others have. I am not ignoring your emails I posted about it today...hugs, Julierose