Thursday, August 7, 2014

then and now in the garden

this was last year in Aug when we moved in
this orange flower was taking over the whole garden
and looked unkempt

so I worked at it and put bunny in there
and left the front kind of open for now
until I know how I will restructure this garden

so far I am liking it
clematis in the back
grape hyacinths in the spring
lillies later on
we will check out the front area next year to make maybe a garden that blooms all year long
that is my goal anyway
just different areas at different times

this was the butterfly bush last Fall
it was taller than me
 (I know everything is taller than me-that is besides the point!)
 and really all over the place

so in the Fall I scared the neighbor and chopped it down to sticks
she goes OMG one day there was a bush and the next day, nothing!
it seemed to like the haircut
it came back nice and full and pretty

this euny in the front is so funny
it has spots of solid green
then the rest is green and white
I chopped some of the taller branches to add to our 
Christmas wreaths
and it was so pretty in there.

now it is a little smaller
maybe this year I will try and start some more plants from it
I do love the green and white as a background
for the rest of the garden

this Spring when the Iris were blooming
now it has the red petunias in front blooming and looks nice

we are making progress

some days you really need to step back and smell the roses
er, uh petunias.........
and look at where it came from to see the progress
quilting is sometimes like that too!

2 comments: said...

Your garden looks so nice. No matter how many hours I weed mine is weedy!

barbara woods said...

looks good