Friday, August 1, 2014

things to see and do

Hi Mom!  this is so gorgeous in person I can not even tell you

and lots of these in the yard
to run over with the lawnmower
just for fun
hey, who doesnt like nuts shooting out from the bottom of the mower?
guess I gotta rake soon
or hire some squirrels and chipmunks to take them away

in the back of the front garden, the one that is overcrowded 
where something bedded down all over my lillies
there is a little lavender mum
and it has flowers on it
see them?  I guess this will need to be moved to have more room too
along with the iris that I need to seperate

and the tree that needs a haircut
it looks all shabby and unkempt
gotta get out the trimmers and go to town

here is that moth again. was trying to capture another
creature that I cant identify but he is too fast.
looks about 3-4 inches long
and looks like a bee and sounds like a bee
has an orangy brown color
creepy looking...........but fast
not sure WHAT it is
I guess he doesnt like his picture taken.


sunny said...

I'll be happy to send you a couple of hungry and adventurous squirrels!

Julierose said...

Don't you just love those daylilies?? It's too bad that when you bring them in they fade...but I guess that's why they're called "day"lilies huh??? hugs, Julierose said...

Your lilies are gorgeous. LOL so you are shooting nuts at the neighbors? That is a good way to handle them.