Sunday, September 28, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

Babs from wont to be quilter tagged me for the Around the World Blog Hop.

It is a way to have others check out blogs that you enjoy and to get to visit more blogs in blogland.

I am not sure if I will have others to tag but here goes............


well that is always a tough question. I am not one of those quilters who can start a project and see it until it is done and THEN start another one. I am a typical Aries, flitting from one project to another. It makes me happy and they do eventually get finished. Sometimes the idea has to stew for a bit.

Here are some of the projects I am currently working on....
The lozenge challenge....My friend JulieRose was marking squares on her blog and I had seen some here and there and thought I can do that so here it is so far.

just a lot of cutting and decision making going on. I think I will make it in cool colors of blues, greens and maybe throw in a purple now and then. the bright green in the corners I have just so much of and was thinking when it is gone, the quilt is done. we will see how it progresses.
right now it is in the cutting stage only.

I am still making little 9 patches for this relaxing robin that will be mine. I love it so far.
so much that I am starting another with more of the blue and pink dresdans
and I am going to challenge myself this time to make a row robin with it.
cant wait to play with my friends Lynne of never too hot to stitch
and maybe even Sunny of quilting Dreams. it is fun to see the same "directions" interpreted by different quilters and made into a whole that reflects their personalities.
fun fun!

this is an easy question for me. I beat to a different drummer and like to put my own spin on things. ever since I was born. In Jr High Home Ec, (remember home Ec?) the class made patch pillows. I made a quilt. yeah, thats me!
I am not one to buy a kit.......EVER....... unless I like the pattern and will use the fabric and pieces somewhere else. I don't want a quilt like someone else. I want MY quilt.

I made a quilt for my mother in law many years ago of her life and I guarantee there are no other quilts like it. I used my drawings and coloring book pages and whatever I could find to make the individual squares and it came out great. she loved it!
see? check it out! Phoebe is checking........


this is an easy one too. kind of like climbing the mountain because it is there. As a young child I was lucky enough to have a creative family. My Mom sewed and crocheted, my Gram crocheted, my Dad made many things, my Aunts knitted and painted and created so I was exposed to all of that early on and I loved it. so I am what you call a Jack of All Trades Master of None. I just keep practicing on them all and enjoy the process.

My Dad made this for my new house. no pattern. just saw one and took a few measurements. he amazes me.

this is a slate in progress. I liked this lighthouse on a card and 
painted it. now have to do the landscaping on it
so we can put it outside as a welcome

my Aunt Jo loves to paint. she used to paint with Bob Ross on tv. you should see some of the
beautiful paintings she has done. very nice

so there you have it! everything you never cared to know about me LOL
I wont "tag" 3 people but if you wanted to participate, you can. 
go visit the talented quilters out there
get to "meet them" thru their blogs
and make new friends!
go on......

2 comments: said...

I like your quilt for the MIL. I think we are running low on people to tag. I can't find anyone who hasn't participated either.

barbara woods said...

Glad to read it, I was following one now I am following the other one you tagged, hugs