Sunday, September 7, 2014

Christmas gifts

used this beautiful pic of my niece and her family
to create a photo gift
and got it on sale at York Photo

cant say too much in case they peek
but it is AWESOME and I cant wait to gift it to them

this is the little guy that I got the remote control backhoe and remote control
dumptruck for at CVS
yeah the HUGE sale I had so much fun at!

Christmas time is a coming.........

I WILL be ready.........I WILL  LOL

so far have three nieces of the 5 done
and the little guy here.

cats will be easy peasy
and if I get off this computer I can get more done.
just sayin..........

what are in YOUR plans for holiday gifting

has anyone ever had or heard of rose jelly?
with my roses so prolific I was thinking of making sone
but have never had it
let me know
I was just wondering.........


Julierose said...

Oh what a lovely family portrait--they will be thrilled! My Grand'mere used to make rose jelly--but I do not have her recipe--dang it! It was with some other fruit as I recall...hugs, Julierose (get offa that foot!! ;-)))

barbara woods said...

never tired it, sound good though