Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Christmas ideas for now

this was last years gingerbread house. I was last minute making it and was not happy
because I could do better.
it was a tough year with losing my mother in law on Dec 10th and 
trying to make amends with daughter and family
and getting ready for the holidays with unexpected
guests etc

this year I want to be more prepared
and I want to help you too

that is why I am doing the twelve weeks of gifts (every Thurs my posting is about a gift to make)

I also have some small things in between that make Christmas special
it is not about how big or expensive the gift is
as my nieces will all tell you (they are wise young women)
the things THEY remember are as follows:

making roly poly ice cream in a coffee can
decorating gingerbread houses and the contest of a better idea each year
making Christmas gifts with Auntie and putting them in the Christmas box
making cookies, their favorite snowglobe ornament, Christmas ribbon candy
money in a walnut

these are all inexpensive things that involved time more than money
and they were the best and are the memories they bring to their young families

so here is another "idea" to make a young child's (or young at heart) holiday
take a walnut in a shell
crack the walnut on the seam if you can to keep the two halves whole
(it takes practice )
take out the nut and eat it or use it   mmmmm carrot cake?
take a dollar bill (or higher denomination if you like) and fold it tiny tiny
to fit in the shell
you will put it in the shell and reglue the walnut halves together
then glue on some ribbon to hang on the tree
I used to let the kids glue on the ribbon (after I filled a basket with money filled shells)
they thought they were just walnuts.
then we would say our Christmas wishes of what we wished for
like peace, and a new bike and I would always say a money tree to plant in the back yard
on Christmas morning they were instructed to get the walnuts off the tree and crack them

to their surprise there was MONEY in them! a fun idea for young and old alike
it takes more time than money
hence the "heads up"
you need to crack quite a few walnuts to get the hang of not breaking them LOL
but it is fun
was fun for me and fun for the kids
I plan on doing with my great nephew and grandsons
see if you can make a little Christmas magic this year
I dare ya!  double dog dare ya!


barbara woods said...

I joined a handmade Christmas in March and have been making gifts

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

That is a cool idea.