Sunday, September 21, 2014

lozenges anyone

No I am not talking about the throat kind even though in blogland there seems to be a lot of sore throat bugs going around.
I am talking about Bonnies leader and ender challenge. that is Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.
check it out.

I am making my lozenges 3.5 x 6.5  and my corners 2 inch square. I decided since I am a "blue" gal I would take out my blues and greens and see how it would look

what do you think?

I have yardage of that bright green that I can not seem to put anywhere so I thought I would use it here and when it runs out the quilt is done.

I kind of like the look so far. I am mixing everything as long as the colors are greens and blue and purples. this pile I decided to check out and see. I cut pieces for about an hour. not much to show but I can do this every morning before work to make more progress on it. as long as I have the fabric ironed and ready. we will see how it progresses. I am doing this challenge with a neighbor and also my friend Julie Rose. check it out here to see her progress.

I love that everyone puts their own spin on them. so cool to see!

Anyway, I will still be doing the relaxing robin. for those who want to play I will try and post for linky at end of the month ok?  I have I think picked out fabrics for my first part. we will see how that progresses along too. so excited to have some new fabrics to work with. the summer colors are not "fall" enough right now to inspire me.
what are YOU working on?

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