Tuesday, September 16, 2014

stop and smell the roses

I decided that this year because I have been so fortunate
I would give back and make the world a little nicer

I saw a blog where a woman wanted to teach her
children that to give is better than to receive
so that they would be less greedy at Christmastime

what she did was neat and I want to adopt her idea
and make my spin on it

for the whole month of December up to Dec 24 (Christmas eve)
I will plan on doing a good deed every day
I want to plan out my calendar so that during the busier times of the month  I
have a smaller task
but want to do small deeds for others

an example is:
take some fruit to a nursing home
pay for the guy behind you in line at the drivethru
give someone a hug who looks like they need one
hand out candy canes while on an errand
buy a giftcard and hand it to the next person in line to use

she had some really good ideas. if you google random acts of kindness
you will get a ton of ideas
I have extra fabric that I want to purge so will have a "pillowcase making party"
and cut and sew a bunch of them to deliver to a nursing home
a pretty pillowcase may brighten someones day

what can YOU do to make the world a nicer place?

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