Tuesday, September 9, 2014

when one has squares this is what one does.........

Do you think I was bored????? LOL
I found some squares that were gifted to me
probably from my good friend JulieRose

anywho, with babies starting to be announced again, I figured I would make a "boy" one and a "girl" one.
it was fun putting the squares together

see? top more blue for boy........

with cats and rats and elephants....... LOL no not really
but some animal shapes which are fun

and some girly girl flowers and butterflies

even Dunkin was checking them out

hey Mom!  you know what these are good for?

for hiding in! 

Mom?  hey! where did they go?

photo session OVER  LOL

at least I feel good that I made two baby tops and now to 
just find backs and get cracking

then I can add burp cloths and bibs
and have nice gifties at the ready

what are YOU up to?


Julierose said...

Cute and cuter--love those two baby quilts--I am sure the Mamas will just love them! Nothing like a hand made quilt to bring a smile to a new Mom. Glad you had fun...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

we have just found out that we are having two more g-grands