Friday, October 31, 2014

sewing on Halloween night

we normally dont get trick or treaters around here. last year had ONE.
already told hubs
while waiting
maybe I will work on this round robin a little..........

maybe I will grab some scraps and see what I can make.............

or maybe I will do as I SHOULD and get these Christmas projects done!
all in all it is a good thing..........
as long as the chocolate on my fingers stays off the project! LOL
have a fun Halloween night!

waiting for a friend

since hubs broken wrist, the neighbor has been coming over after I leave for work
to bring the paper in for hubs so he doesn't fall again trying to get it
this is the highlight of the day for the cats
someone is coming! something exciting and different!
so they wait.........

and snooze.............

and fight for a good view..............

and snooze................

and check to see if that noise was her coming............

nope, nobody at the door.............

where is she?  I hear another noise...........

and they greet her at the door

and talk to her...........

and beg shamelessly for free belly rubs...........

and then go back to sleep for the day..........
I want to come back as a kitty in my next life
don't you?
we are so grateful to have such a nice neighbor

things that go bump in the night happy Halloween!

some Halloween candy for you.........

a black cat.....

pumpkins.......(my Mom made this one many years ago)

and a mug rug swap friend made this one for me........

two attack cats on guard to scare you.......

ah hem..........SCARE you?

now this is scary LOL  this is a picture from long ago 
at my uncles house.
I am the one on the left with the pink sweater and brownie beanie
and by the looks of my hands
I think I had eaten too many thin mints and was hyper! LOL
my two brothers are next, then a cousin, my sis and cousin
isnt it great that we have pictures to jog our memories?

these are so cool and fun.
I will have to keep in mind for next year
love them!

and a definite quilt on my to do list for a special grandson........
he LOVES skulls and would go bonkers over this one.

have a safe and sweet Halloween........

Thursday, October 30, 2014

going on around here

I am sewing like the grinch to keep my projects on track

Phoebe is trying to explain about her bad brother so he can get something under the tree too
she has a lot of explaining to do to get Santa to change his mind LOL

this is the goal of the get some holiday gifting done

children are dreaming of sugarplums

and some of this is forecast for the weekend
WHAT?  please be just a dusting 
I am NOT ready yet for this

Dunkin is.............
well Dunkin

soon the family will gather for the holidays
these are my siblings and my Dad in back. My Mom passed in 1989
and we miss her dearly. she was a sweetie
I am on the left in gray- the oldest of the five of us
my baby brother in gray in the back right is the youngest

hubs is still eating these........ew
he even has Dunkin liking them

so much that he tries to steal them
I found him in my pantry the other day
and I heard crinkling noises
I look and Dunkin has my pantry door wide open, and a bag
of EGG NOODLES that he busted open and was trying to eat!
The bag crinkles like the pork rind bag
and he thought that is what it was!
I kid you not! this cat is a stinker!
he is lucky we love him
not much else going on
what are YOU up to?

ten pretty placemats

these can be made quickly from scraps
you can make sets of 2, 4
onesies for the messy pets in your life

use up UFO blocks

so many possibilities..........
and so nice to have

another great giftie to are you doing? have I given you any gift ideas?
I just love these and have to make some for sure.
after the stockings are done........and the purse......and the table runner

what? lol

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

looking and taking in the sights around here

cant seem to find this little wall quilt
I wanted to decorate with it
made this many years ago from a magazine pattern I think
and I love the faces and the candycorn fabric for the borders

as the weather gets cooler,this is a more frequent sight as I take laundry out of 
the dryer to fold. who says animals are dumb?
he is all snuggle and warm

this quilt top is made of cottons but denim weight.
should I tie this one? any ideas?
I think it will be too heavy if I try to quilt it
it is a good twin size at least and I would like to finish it up
I think this is the reason this one is stalled........

gotta make me some more of these salt dough ornaments
I used to decorate my tree with all homemade ornaments like this
I made this one in 1988 and of course it has seen better days
we had only been married 5 years! how time flies
I need to shape some more of these and paint them up

watch out for goblins and princesses
this Friday.......

you never know who is lurking around the corner
waiting for the opportunity for candy

and hopefully nobody was hurt along the way..........LOL

and a wish project.........
oh how I wish I had tons of time to stitch away
at a quilt like this

I had better get crackin

I still have this mess on my bookshelf that I need to organize and 
this little guy that my niece made me long ago keeps 
me company as I sew.
dont you love his happy face? he is a sock stuffed with rice
she was about 8 when she made him and is 22 and has a little guy 
of her own now. how time does fly

piles and piles of books to go through
and decide if I will live long enough to even use them
would love to give some to those
less fortunate that would love some new ideas for quilts

gotta find the directions to finish this bag

yes the deer one. I know I need to take this piece and quilt it next
so will do that straight line quilting
then I need to see how the rest is put together
so I can line it and make some inside pockets etc

then I can add this little makeup bag with kleenex holder,
eyeglass case, maybe make a chapstick keyring

pillowcase and this cute deer.
then one nieces Christmas gift will be done.
after that is her sisters scrap stockings..........
time is a flying

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

kitchen sink quilt

I have been cleaning my sewing room
little by little trying to organize things
and I came across these "parts"

ut oh..........
looks like a new kitchen sink quilt may be in order

Monday, October 27, 2014

September and October accomplishments

Sometimes it is hard to see progress
you go along and do but until you stop and
take  count, it is easy to think nothing is getting done
For example: I stopped to think what did I do in Sept and Oct?
I made a ton of jelly and jam.............

made a baby bib  (actually two and gave one away already)

made a dishcloth 

made a table topper for sis in law

finished up a bag that would make a nice diaper bag
or tote

got the binding on this potholder

made this hat for baby

and  couldnt stop at just one

and quilted a mug rug 
I guess I DID accomplish something!

sometimes it pays to step back and see what you have accomplished
Now I have a newfound energy to continue on
Have you stopped to see what you have done?