Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Christmas wish list

last year the Christmas box was very full
this year, not so much
Not sure if that is a good thing or not
I have been making progress with my Christmas list
so I guess that is all that counts

I forgot about this cutie. I remember this was fun to sew up and 
I need to find that pattern again and make a few

and I can always use these for little tuck in gifts

these guys need to be found and stuffened
they are already crocheted

sorry for the blur but these zippy tea bag totes would 
be so so cute with tea or cookies for a neighbor
wouldnt they?

no time for sleeping Dunkin!

we need to get crackin

the neighbor has some of these that she is cutting down for winter
I wonder if I can root some cuttings 
and make some of these for the yard

see? the box is empty
(no not really but it feels that way)
we are so close to Thanksgiving and then you know
what happens after that
It seems the next day it is Christmas!

maybe less of these interruptions would help

oooooooo.......... I need to find this blue one
then I can add it to the stocking I am working on

I need to stop and figure out where I need to concentrate
so I can get the max planned and done
I also want to do my pay it forward for Dec
so need to plan that as well
maybe a weekend with friends cutting out some pillowcases for the nursing home
once cut and pinned they sew up pretty quick
that would move a lot of yardage wouldnt it?
some of those oldies but goodies lurking in the closet and bins
my Christmas wish list is to finish everything on my to do list
(Santa hasn't made this possible yet in my whole life but a gal can ask right?)

what is on YOUR Christmas wish list?


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Wow I look at your gifties and think I am severely behind. But then I have a portion of a family who love handmade gifts and a portion who see no value in them at all.

barbara woods said...

I have a few, will have to . Post about them. Yours looks great

Lynne said...

More time would be nice, wouldn't it? I guess we just have to make the most of what we have -- in all things!