Saturday, October 11, 2014

dont they look great

I made some more jam today
this is the strawberry rhubarb
it made 12- 8oz jars and 8- 4 oz jars
cant wait to open one up  
this is one of my favorite kinds of jam
my Mom used to ALWAYS make it

such a pretty color
Martha would be proud LOL

here is the punk waiting by the door
little does he know when I am home
the neighbor wont be delivering
the paper
he is waiting patiently for her.
the punk LOL
so far I have:
rose petal jelly
pear jam
carrot cake jam
strawberry rhubarb jem
pineapple jam

next up blueberry jam and then garlic jelly
oh and hubs wants apple jelly too

I guess I better get busy huh?


Farm Gate Creations said...

My you have been busy...and your right such a gorgeous colour.

sunny said...

Do you ever sleep? You must be the busiest person I know. Jams look lovely.

Julierose said...

WOW--you have kept busy--good for you. when things get tough, the tough get goin' and you sure have. That strawberry rhubarb sounds amazingly yummy...hope your DH is feeling better each day ...hugs and best wishes Julierose

barbara woods said...

I guess i'm lucky my hubby just likes one kind of jelly, I love cherry any thing and buy me that his is blackberry jelly

Lynne said...

My goodness, it never stops at your place, does it?