Thursday, October 30, 2014

going on around here

I am sewing like the grinch to keep my projects on track

Phoebe is trying to explain about her bad brother so he can get something under the tree too
she has a lot of explaining to do to get Santa to change his mind LOL

this is the goal of the get some holiday gifting done

children are dreaming of sugarplums

and some of this is forecast for the weekend
WHAT?  please be just a dusting 
I am NOT ready yet for this

Dunkin is.............
well Dunkin

soon the family will gather for the holidays
these are my siblings and my Dad in back. My Mom passed in 1989
and we miss her dearly. she was a sweetie
I am on the left in gray- the oldest of the five of us
my baby brother in gray in the back right is the youngest

hubs is still eating these........ew
he even has Dunkin liking them

so much that he tries to steal them
I found him in my pantry the other day
and I heard crinkling noises
I look and Dunkin has my pantry door wide open, and a bag
of EGG NOODLES that he busted open and was trying to eat!
The bag crinkles like the pork rind bag
and he thought that is what it was!
I kid you not! this cat is a stinker!
he is lucky we love him
not much else going on
what are YOU up to?

3 comments: said...

I think pork rinds, redneck. Oh my you have your hands full with a redneck cat. Your family is so cute looking. Keep going I am going to live vicariously through you.

barbara woods said...

great looking family, Both of my parents are gone

Lynne said...

You sound like you're well. And truly on top of things!