Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I had better get crackin

I still have this mess on my bookshelf that I need to organize and 
this little guy that my niece made me long ago keeps 
me company as I sew.
dont you love his happy face? he is a sock stuffed with rice
she was about 8 when she made him and is 22 and has a little guy 
of her own now. how time does fly

piles and piles of books to go through
and decide if I will live long enough to even use them
would love to give some to those
less fortunate that would love some new ideas for quilts

gotta find the directions to finish this bag

yes the deer one. I know I need to take this piece and quilt it next
so will do that straight line quilting
then I need to see how the rest is put together
so I can line it and make some inside pockets etc

then I can add this little makeup bag with kleenex holder,
eyeglass case, maybe make a chapstick keyring

pillowcase and this cute deer.
then one nieces Christmas gift will be done.
after that is her sisters scrap stockings..........
time is a flying

2 comments: said...

Awe your snowman head is cute. I whittled down my bookshelf quite a bit a few years ago. Patterns in pockets I keep in a pendaflex file. (Well most of the time, occasionally I take one out to play and neglect to make sure it goes back home afterwards)

barbara woods said...

You should have tried to sell some at the yard sale, I carry my old ones to McKays and swap them for some i don't have