Monday, October 20, 2014

it is time for Halloween and end of the year things

this will not happen again this year
we had ONE trick or treater last year
and this was the THIRD time I got candy
as hubs eats it as soon as I bring it in the house
and we had this left over...........
it is STILL on my hips LOL

yeah Dunkin you don't have to worry
you and Phoebe dont need to lose the fat

let me sleep Mom............zzzzzzzzzzz

gotta find this to put out on my shelf
with a small home you dont decorate a lot
just touches here and there

oooooo  and I made these last year.
apple PIE jam
forgot about that recipe

apples? YUK 
hey freshie! I am NOT making TUNA jelly

some of these need to be knitted

why do cats congregate on the strangest places? the laptop bag
really Dunkin?

and Phoebe....
just as bad
BOTH have quilts
and beds
and pillows
NO MORE MONEY will be spent on these two
they don't use them

until you put it down on the floor
then they have to "hold it down" or something LOL

hubs wrist is doing a little better painwise which is good

this needs to be found and done
for bathroom window and quilted for warmth

before this stuff flies again
some nights it has been cold enough

and this too will need to be finished before Christmas
so far made zippy pouch, eyeglass case, pillowcase and kleenex holder
now on to the purse........need to quilt it and put it together with lining and pockets
for a "deer" niece
she loves to hunt like her Dad
(not sure where she came from)
so no "girly" purse for her

better get busy hadn't I?


Julierose said...

You have a lot going for sure. Happy that DH's paion is lessening...hugs, Julierose said...

We don't get any trick or treaters either. Oh darn. But we make little goody bags for the grands. Glad the hubby is feeling better.

barbara woods said...

glad he feels better, we don't get many since the grands got to big to trick or treat