Wednesday, October 29, 2014

looking and taking in the sights around here

cant seem to find this little wall quilt
I wanted to decorate with it
made this many years ago from a magazine pattern I think
and I love the faces and the candycorn fabric for the borders

as the weather gets cooler,this is a more frequent sight as I take laundry out of 
the dryer to fold. who says animals are dumb?
he is all snuggle and warm

this quilt top is made of cottons but denim weight.
should I tie this one? any ideas?
I think it will be too heavy if I try to quilt it
it is a good twin size at least and I would like to finish it up
I think this is the reason this one is stalled........

gotta make me some more of these salt dough ornaments
I used to decorate my tree with all homemade ornaments like this
I made this one in 1988 and of course it has seen better days
we had only been married 5 years! how time flies
I need to shape some more of these and paint them up

watch out for goblins and princesses
this Friday.......

you never know who is lurking around the corner
waiting for the opportunity for candy

and hopefully nobody was hurt along the way..........LOL

and a wish project.........
oh how I wish I had tons of time to stitch away
at a quilt like this


Julierose said...

Oh definitely tie that quilt --it will be so warm and your little pumpkin face piece and your ghosties and goblins and fairies are so cute! hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

Yes to heavy for quilting, our trick or treaters come Thursday night because of football games said...

No trick or treaters, downside to living in the country on the farm. Fun quilt but denim weight YIKES!

sunny said...

Instead of tying the quilt, how about quilting it with just a backing, but no batting? Either way, it looks like it will be super cozy. Love all those fabrics.