Saturday, October 25, 2014

more baby hats

remember the baby hats I told you about?
well I made another one
this first one is a slouchy look 

and the second one is a knotted top look

I dont have any dolls to model so a plastic
bowling ball will have to do LOL
see? slouchy............

and topknot
I am happy with them 
I  made some for my bosses granddaughter due in Feb
every baby needs some cute hats don't you think?
I have pink, yellow, orange, brown and rust
then on to finding some outfits to bring out those colors
love making things for babies
I may incorporate it into my December pay it forward
I could make some and donate to the local hospital
for moms who don't have much
and to let them know someone cares.

to date I have made twelve for my baby, 3 for bosses baby and cut out about ten more
for my December pay it forward.
they are like potato cant make just one!
AND the great part is the tees..........
cost .69 each! 
so less than $5 and I got all these hats made
NICE! Don't you love a bargain?
and with the body of the tee, I am thinking of making
some scarfs. was surfing the web last night and there are some 
cool ones. some braided, some twisted and jewelry added
that is the best five dollars I ever spent


Julierose said...

You are surely getting more than your $$'s worth out of those tee shirts--really neat! hugs,Julierose

barbara woods said...

Those would be great at the hospital

Lynne said...

You certainly have a wide range of talents!