Sunday, October 19, 2014

more relaxing going on

I found a piece of navy pindot in the stash
and added a row to each side of the beginning of my robin
Dunkin was hoping for purple I think LOL

then I sewed the squares for the dresdan row together to see what adjustments need to be made
again look at him looking at the quilt.
he looks as if he really is checking it out LOL

then I placed the drunkards path row on top to see how that one fits the width as well.
that is all the playing I did today on this but I like the new direction it is going in
have you played in the sewing room lately?


Julierose said...

Looking good! hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

your blue quilt! will have lots in it when you get through said...

Navy works well. I love pin dots and polka dots.

Lynne said...

Looking good! I haven't been in the sewing room at all in October and am missing it even though I'm away on vacation! Hand stitching is the only stitching I'll get this month, apart from attending two three-hour sewing classes where I worked on foundation piecing and sashing my pioneers braids!