Monday, October 6, 2014

Oct has not been fun so far

October I guess is not my month!
This coming Friday they are coming to replace our furnace.............

and Friday of last week hubs fell and broke his wrist. so today we call the dr (orthopedic) and find out what they will do. Fri at emergency room they splinted it.

he is in a lot of pain so not much of anything is getting done around here.
I have to help him dress etc and he is wearing his jogging pants so he can get them on easy

today I will go to work and then come home to call the dr office and see what we are doing.
never a dull moment

just thankful it isnt as bad as it could have been. he was very close to hitting his head and I would not have known until I got home from work hours later!

maybe it is just Fridays I need to look out for!

I will try and post as I always do but wanted to let my readers know I may be a little preoccupied these days.

thanks for your understanding and hope I can get to the regularly scheduled program soon!

these two have been sticking to hubs like glue. they know when something isnt right


Mary said...

I'm hoping your hubby gets some answers today and has a speedy recovery. Broken wrists are absolutely no fun.

Julierose said...

Hope all goes well today--you've had enough happen for sure! Hugs, Julierose

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Prayers of hope and comfort - hope there is a resolve.

barbara woods said...

Hugs, hope every thing gets better fast said...

Hugs and prayers for a quick recovery for your hubby.