Monday, October 13, 2014

one more day off

I have today off. YIPPEE  
I think I will lock myself in the sewing room and see what I can work on
maybe my relaxing robin row quilt

maybe my lozenge quilt
maybe both
I know I sure have lots I can be working on for sure

in the meantime, if any of you know how I can get lots more of these
let me know. 
seems we are bleeding money in this house lately

just sayin!
have a great sewing day my friends!


Julierose said...

How is the new furnace? We put our heat on last night--when the temp goes into the 30's Julierose wants H E A T
And hope that your DH is healing well and quickly...must be best as ever hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

yes we just had a few limbs cut off a tree, 200.00 said...

Oh I know it is always something. I had to get a new blower for our wood burner, and new roping which is what creates the seal. Yep that was $100 easy peasy.

Lynne said...

I'd like some time in the sewing room -- hopefully next month will be more productive!