Saturday, October 18, 2014

productive week

I sewed one of these together for my sister in law.........
she needs a picker upper

and see those cute little sheep?  I stitched this guy together (just have the binding to do) for a mug rug

and remember this .69 buy from a CVS end of summer sale?

well, so far I have the scarf I made........

and this morning I cut and sewed a widdle baby hat out of one sleeve.
bonus? the sleeve is hemmed!  so I only needed to cut it out
and sew the rounded curve
turn and done! less than FIVE minutes!
this shirt has more fabric to give so we will see what else I can make out of this 
great find..........
another baby giftie for my new grandchild 
that is due in April
we are not sure yet of the sex but Grammie has already 
bought Boston Bruins onesies,
a giraffe 3 pc set outfit
made 7 bibs
and now a hat

see? I am a good Grammie
and these need to be done soon
No not twins! LOL
just being prepared for boy OR girl
(we are secretly wishing for a girl)
so I need to finish both of these

oh yeah and before snow flies I need to sand and paint these
anyone out there like to paint?

and this little softie is made of my leftover yarns that are soft and fluffy
I am making it on huge knitting needles
and carrying one yarn forward as I change colors
I am using 2 strands of yarn as if one
it is coming out nice
and using up ANOTHER kind of stash LOL
but soft enough for a precious grandchild for sure 

what did YOU get done this week?


Julierose said...

You did have a beautifully productive week, Dawn! Love that hat from a sleeve--amazingly creative of you. But then, you are---creative! hugs and have a good weekend, hope DH is doing better...Julierose

barbara woods said...

they make porch paint with sand in it so your steps want be slick. Maybe you should use that are something like it

Farm Gate Creations said...

Very productive week, I love how organised you are, making to throws ready for boy or girl. said...

Wow I am in awe since I have been fighting fate to get anything accomplished.