Wednesday, October 8, 2014

relaxing robin reflections

the putty is too...........
um PUTTY looking. sets off the colors ok but is just a blah
was thinking maybe use it with black small borders to spiff it up??

or pink. I like the way it sets off the colors
but I never was a pink kind of gal
then again, it may be a chance to use up this fabric that 
is sitting
well, because it is PINK

purple. WOW..........who turned up the volume????

my niece would love it LOL

turquoise......a little more soothing to the eye
my kind of color
who doesnt love blue?

so here I ponder for my row joining.........

1) do I choose one of the above colors?
2) Do I try and find another color?      
3)  Do I use a combination of these colors?
4) Do I add black to sort of "ground" all the colors?

I do think the busyness of the different blocks needs 
something to give the eyes a rest

what would you do?

2 comments: said...

I agree needs something to break it up.

barbara woods said...

solids work well for that.