Monday, October 27, 2014

September and October accomplishments

Sometimes it is hard to see progress
you go along and do but until you stop and
take  count, it is easy to think nothing is getting done
For example: I stopped to think what did I do in Sept and Oct?
I made a ton of jelly and jam.............

made a baby bib  (actually two and gave one away already)

made a dishcloth 

made a table topper for sis in law

finished up a bag that would make a nice diaper bag
or tote

got the binding on this potholder

made this hat for baby

and  couldnt stop at just one

and quilted a mug rug 
I guess I DID accomplish something!

sometimes it pays to step back and see what you have accomplished
Now I have a newfound energy to continue on
Have you stopped to see what you have done?

4 comments: said...

All of your jelly amazes me. Great gifties you have completed.

Julierose said...

The long view is sometimes just what you need--nice accomplishments! hugs, Julierose

Patrica said...

You're too right. It seems like I'm busy all the time but often can't see what I have to show for it. Most of what I do is stuff that never shows and has to be repeated chores around the place that are never ending but take a lot of time. I just have to remember that I am accomplishing something even if I don't have a lot to display.

barbara woods said...

Haven't done a such this month because of cleaning. But did what I could