Sunday, October 5, 2014

six pet Christmas stockings

Free project instructions to make a fish-shaped Christmas stocking for a pet cat.

I know it is Sunday and not Thurs but here is another Christmas idea
stockings for the pets

I am not embroidering on mine  but how easy to draw out a simple fish pattern
and make a stocking for kitty

or a bone shape one for the puppy

then stuff it with some hand made toys or some treats

check it you spread a little Christmas lovin to your pets?

hubs and I have bought numerous "toys" for our two spoiled cats.
one year Phoebe got the water fountain that has continuous fresh water flowing. she drinks more and the vet says her fur is so soft and nice.

another year Rich got that yellow toy that has an arm underneath that swerves left and right for them to catch   that one is so fun to watch them play with

last year we got them that parrot that moves. they were not as interested as hubs was. I should have given it to HIM! LOL

hope you are enjoying some Christmas crafting and getting your list checked off.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

OMG that fish stocking is so cute and clever. My furries get some special organic cat nip, treats and little chase toy in their stockings - which are just felt stockings. I think I need to make those fish.

barbara woods said...

My sis buys for her dogs as they are inside dogs