Friday, October 31, 2014

things that go bump in the night happy Halloween!

some Halloween candy for you.........

a black cat.....

pumpkins.......(my Mom made this one many years ago)

and a mug rug swap friend made this one for me........

two attack cats on guard to scare you.......

ah hem..........SCARE you?

now this is scary LOL  this is a picture from long ago 
at my uncles house.
I am the one on the left with the pink sweater and brownie beanie
and by the looks of my hands
I think I had eaten too many thin mints and was hyper! LOL
my two brothers are next, then a cousin, my sis and cousin
isnt it great that we have pictures to jog our memories?

these are so cool and fun.
I will have to keep in mind for next year
love them!

and a definite quilt on my to do list for a special grandson........
he LOVES skulls and would go bonkers over this one.

have a safe and sweet Halloween........

1 comment: said...

Great ideas. Love the pic of you and your family. I think I saw that look on many children's faces yesterday on the bus since they had their Halloween party yesterday cause no school today.