Sunday, November 30, 2014

we need a little Christmas.........

I was putting this up today in the wind
and singing Christmas carols with the radio
I could not for the life of me remember how to 
put the lights cords

got this done (this is last years picture)
......and decorated the wishing well
with the bear I had in the sleigh last year
it looks cute
I am thinking I will get a spotlight
and put it out front
 maybe get more lights for the front trees. they
dont cover well

this is yet to be found in the shed

and the tree needs to be found in the shed as well
then I can start wrapping and free up some space 
in my sewing room
very hard to sew with all those presents in there
it is a small room to start

and hoping that this week I can make another all greens wreath
I will clip the trees in back
and my trees in front
and will try and make one for the neighbor too

yes we need a little Christmas
right this very minute
we need a little Christmas now........

back to my regularly scheduled sewing.......

remember this? yeah, I need to get cracking and make the 
matching needlebook
and notebook

gotta sew up more fabric. isnt it nice how we can do that?
and as long as I have at least one fabric in common
it will "match" for a set

and this guy needs to get done for sis in law
maybe the second one for daughter in law
will see how far the gold and red will go
I can always use a Christmas print for the back

and this for the niece
I am almost done......just gotta trim the front
cut out the lining the same size
make some pockets in the lining
and put them together
I will try and do a little each day on this to get it done
love how it is coming out so far

and hoping my little deer lover will love it!
Christmas time is a coming.............

(isnt that part of a song? LOL)

let us sew, let us sew, let us sew............
oh the weather outside is frightful
but the fire is so delightful
and if we've no place to go
let us sew, let us sew, let us sew..........

thankful for my blog

today the last day of the month I am thankful for my blog
it helped me to grow in knowledge by testing me
(how do I link? how do I attach pictures?  how do I meet other quilters?)

and I have also grown my circle of friends.
some of which we may never meet but our hearts and minds have touched nonetheless.

it never ceases to amaze me how great quilters are. they are very generous, kind and helpful.
some hand out knowledge how to do this or that, or their opinion when you are stuck and need a friends advice.

thanks blog for this special relationship.......... I will treasure it forever.

hope you had a very thankful month (and year)

it is the time of year when we reflect on things.......
hope it has been a great year for you so far..........

Saturday, November 29, 2014

time out for me

this needs to have more 9 patches done on it

this idea needs to mull in my head
to inspire me for the other relaxing robin quilt

these guys need to be cut and sewed.
it may inspire me to paint the bedroom some soothing colors

because I want to play with my friends........
(Hi Lynne)

assembly line is the way to sew a little each day

Dunkin is such a great helper
he carefully checks out the placement
and colors

to make sure I have a quality product
dont you wish you  had such a cute assistant?

Thanksgiving fun

this is the only crafting I did on Thanksgiving
(I got my fix of something fun anyway)
our Association is having its Christmas party soon
and these will be the favors
arent they cute? all "ingredients" were found at the dollar store
red cups pk of like 25
black tape
gold halogram tape
and gold trim
we will fill with candy and maybe a scratch ticket

my cat Dunkin who is usually shy around strangers, took to my neighbor right away.
it was so funny. he even felt comfortable
enough aftet the meal for his Thanksgiving nap! LOL

when she left, he went looking for her. how cute!
a great Thanksgiving day.........
I was up at 4 cooking and decorating and was in bed early but it was worth it
a good time was had by all
How about You?

thankful to see progress

I sewed a little each day on this before work until I had a piece of good sized fabric
then I picked a pattern and a backing

and cut out the shape
I was lucky that the toe and heel worked out as well as they did
a happy accident!

and this little beauty was born

so I did the same in my blue scraps to make one
for my niece

kind of "matches" her boyfriends
Now on to stuff them! yes thankful to see progress............

Friday, November 28, 2014

anyone working this black Friday?

breakfast, check

hair done.... check

yeah Dunkin I will see you later sweetie pie.......Mamas gotta work

to make a little of this...........

down the stairs I go...........

into my sweet chariot............

so sad..........its ok Dunkin........
Mama will be home soon..........
gotta pack up my desk so next week I can start earlier........
maybe I will be home earlier........we will see

thankful for clean dishes

today I am thankful for clean dishes
for that means we had food to eat

and water to clean the dishes.
and dishcloths as well

Thursday, November 27, 2014

there is a turkey in my house

I have a turkey in my that cutie pie Landon made for Auntie
love love love it!!!!

its starting to look like Thanksgiving
can you smell the food?
turkey is roasting
choc cake is done
choc cream pie is done

squash is cooked
dressing is done
will just be a matter of heating up veggies and 
the rolls when the turkey is resting

Happy turkey day!

anyone want lasagna?  NO?????
LOL  YOU WILL after twenty two days of turkey! LOL
I have my lasagna ingredients ready!

the house is decked out in pretty wreath

and flowers

the baking has started........

all because of ONE turkey!!!!!

I am thankful for each and every one of my blog friends.......
while the boys watch football, I am hoping to be sewing.......
see ya in the sewing room!

thankful for mad gingerbread skills

I am thankful for mad gingerbread skills
I can compete with them all. LOL

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

so proud of this guy

this is one of my grandsons. he LOVES hockey like his Dad
they had little games to build their skills
and they had timed races around obstacles 
to improve their skating

well, when they said GO to Tyler, he skated around those obstacles like he was BORN
to do it. was funny to watch as he was SO much faster than the other kids
he and another boy were TIED for an award
they were FAST!
we are so proud of him
his Dad downloaded the video so we could see
We called him up and told him how proud we were of him
he was so happy
he goes Grammie, I can go REAL fast!
yes you can Ty!

too too early for snow

these were from last year
I dont want to see this again!
that was back breaking shovelling
and the ones who will do it for you
charge A LOT
so I take my time and go slow

we are ready with our rock salt
but this was too much

I am not looking forward to this.
they changed my job again and I will be going in at 6am instead of 7
SURE, right before THIS kind of weather!
I will need to stay up all night shovelling to be able to get out on time!

I should have been a penguin.......

thankful for a new baby on the way

I am thankful for a new grandchild on the way
hope it is a girl......
they have two boys
and if it is a girl she will be one tough kid
her younger brother wants to name her 
" Hulk Hogan"
whether it is a girl or boy
thankful for little guys
that are too too cute!