Friday, November 7, 2014

isnt the internet grand?

today I am thankful for the internet with its inspiration
after seeing this I made one for my Association duties
my new friend wants one so this may be  on my list
to make before Christmas

and this inspiration had me making leaves for the yard sale
and a potholder for the Christmas box

isnt this so cute?  I see a table topper or tree skirt.........
dont you just love the internet?
and DON"T get me started on PINTEREST
they need to have a Pinterest group
to become unaddicted.........

'nuf said.
what are YOU thankful for today?

3 comments: said...

Great way to get inspiration.

barbara woods said...

my family, some love handmade gifts and some hold their nose, you know they get store bought since they have no taste

Lynne said...

I am grateful for my iPad, my go-anywhere computer, and my mobile modem which means I can hook up to the 'Net almost anywhere.