Saturday, November 1, 2014

just stripping for fun

love my title? LOL
my friend from a couple streets over gifted me again with some strips
she was "cleaning" out her sewing room
and pulled tons of greens, reds and Christmas fabrics
and then she started to cut into 2 inch strips
then she progressed to a pile for her, a pile for Dawn LOL
and I got a whole bag of strips already cut!
how cool is that?

this pic above was the Fall bag she gave me but you get the idea

so what is a girl to do?
I put the bag away! I have TOO many irons in the fire
and then it called to me
so I sewed a couple strips together
and a couple more before work
and before you know it
I was ALMOST LATE FOR WORK! I wanted to keep sewing
(see how my BAD friends influence me?)
so I finished sewing these up after dinner ( I HAD TO)

and I will have a cute Christmas runner for a gift with some jelly
My piece is about 18 by 40 ish
so I now need to decide if I will 
1) use it as is
2) cut it in half and make borders and TWO runners
3) give it away for Christmas
4) keep it for me
5) make another one for me
It is so cute and makes me happy. there are little snowmen
and happy polka dots
and gingerbread men
I love it!
should I make two? one for a gift and one for me?
I just LOVE stripping! ha ha

3 comments: said...

Hmm and you wonder where Dunkin gets it from? I say cut it in half the long way and make a kind of wide border or a couple of borders and then you have two One for you and one for a gift.

barbara woods said...

love getting fabric that is already cut

Lynne said...

What a thoughtful gift, I have spent most of my free time over the last two weeks sorting scraps. I need to sew to use them up,