Saturday, November 15, 2014

making a list and checking it twice.....

this project is coming to the top of the list. I love this look I think
with the small gold and red border. we will see how much I have 
and if it will do the trick

I have been making things for the Christmas box all summer long
knowing that soon after Thanksgiving it will be Christmas
and I needed to be prepared

sewing a little each day has helped me keep on track
and check those things off my list

I even got one thing ready for my December pay it forward month
I am planning on doing little things each day in December
to make the world a nicer place for someone
hopefully it spreads to others to do the same
this is the pay it forward dollar plate I made
I will bake something good and pass it along for them to do the same
I have other things planned like leaving change
taped to vending machine at work
for someone to use
or compliment someone
send an old photo to someone in the mail
so they too can remember that day and reminisce
lots of little things.........

I have four of these ready for a surprise 12 days of Christmas

these are ready for baskets of goodies or stocking tuck ins

here is an example of good..........

and "you better watch out............Santa is WATCHING you Dunkin!"

hope you have been busy making things too........a gift from the heart is the best

4 comments: said...

I have a hankerin to make a table runner. And I think maybe a few of the chapstick key rings.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I like the border look....and the kitties....:)

barbara woods said...

you are a very sweet person, hugs

Lynne said...

For most of my family, a handmade gift means "cheap and nasty" so there'll be store bought gifts all round this year.