Wednesday, November 26, 2014

so proud of this guy

this is one of my grandsons. he LOVES hockey like his Dad
they had little games to build their skills
and they had timed races around obstacles 
to improve their skating

well, when they said GO to Tyler, he skated around those obstacles like he was BORN
to do it. was funny to watch as he was SO much faster than the other kids
he and another boy were TIED for an award
they were FAST!
we are so proud of him
his Dad downloaded the video so we could see
We called him up and told him how proud we were of him
he was so happy
he goes Grammie, I can go REAL fast!
yes you can Ty!


Vickie said...

He's a cutie ! Grandkids are such fun aren't they !! said...

Oh he is so cute! How cool that he can skate so well. I have one that is like a fish and fearless. At 3 he swam so well, and loved to go off the high dive!

barbara woods said...

we do love our grands

Lara B. said...

That just warms your heart, through and through!

Lynne said...

Congratulations, little guy. Thanks for making your Grammie's heart sing!