Saturday, November 8, 2014

still working in Santas workshop

this stocking is coming along.....doing bits in pieces of time
couldnt have planned the heel and toe much better LOL
a happy accident. when I placed the pattern and cut it out
it made me smile...... love it!

found a stocking pattern on the internet
I will put a cuff of muslin at the top
with either their names or initials on it
and I will line mine as well (the pattern didnt)
I like them lined so they dont stretch out and rip over the years
the little penguin is so cute isnt he?
this will be for the boyfriend
niece loves BLUE

and this project for her sister is coming along too
that is the finished bag according to the bag picture
uses 12  5inch squares   (6 f ront,6 back)
then the bottom piece
then you quilt
then cut out back same size
make loop for button
make straps
pockets if you want
stitch together

so this one is on the home stretch now. I have the button loop sewn but need to find a nice big button
and make pockets for the lining
then it will go up fast

big buck on one side

mama and fawn on the other

brown floral for lining and maybe straps

my little helper  (yeah right!)

eyeglass case and chapstick keyring for purse

deer pillowcase for fun

little by little I am getting there.........
these projects are the last ones for the nieces.......then all 5 of them will be done! whoot whoot!

on to the grandkids

5 comments: said...

Your stocking is turning out very cute. I agree they need a lining. He is telling you mom i think this fabric would look fab! Use this one.

Julierose said...

I love the stocking with that penguin--just so cute. You are really speed-sewing. Hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

you are getting more done than i am and i don't work

Rosemary Dickinson said...

So many projects getting done! I'm so envious! I have to get motivated somehow! Great job!

Lynne said...

I need to make Christmas gifts for my sewing classmates for our last class on 15 December -- I haven't even tested the pattern yet!