Saturday, November 8, 2014

technology is wonderful

today I am thankful for pictures and technology
for without pictures we would not be able 
to remember those moments

like this one at a favorite uncles house.
loved to visit him in the "city"
we got to go to the beach
in talking with my cousin many years later
she said she loved coming to the "country" at our house
we had a pony that we played with and gave rides on
funny how even as kids you wish for what others have
instead of being happy where you are at

look at these two munchkins who are now both in Jr High
they had a ball making gingerbread houses
thanks to the inventor of cameras to catch those precious memories
and to making us appreciate what we have
as well as enjoying things others take for granted.

what are YOU thankful for today?

3 comments: said...

I agree. But better yet, sometimes I am just thankful for memories. Those little snippets of time forever hidden in that little wee braincell way in the back that opens up with some of the sweetest little glimpses of our past.

barbara woods said...

they say if your house burns its the pictures you can't replace. that's why a lot of mine goes on facebook

Lynne said...

A happy and secure childhood.