Wednesday, November 5, 2014

thankful but still working behind the scenes........

I am thankful to my Mom and Aunts who loved to sew and knit
and taught me those skills too.
I am thankful that I have nieces who think it is "cool" to 
make things with your own hands

I have been working on this behind the scenes for a niece
don't tell her
it's for Christmas
a purse, zippy bag, eyeglass case and a chapstick
keyring all coordinating
maybe I will put a Dunkin Donut card in the bag
for fun

this morning I got this piece together and quilted
now I just need to make the lining with some pockets 
maybe one with a zipper for some money security
so she has lots of hiding spots inside.......
and I will try and stitch it together later-

this pattern is an old one off the internet
from Missouri Quilts
I forgot what the name is but it uses 12 squares
and then coordinating fabrics for the rest of the pieces

it is easy to put together too
my issue is finding (no MAKING) the time to sew
I already made the matching zippy pouch for her makeup and things.......

see how cute? she is my little hunter........hee hee
she loves to fish and hunt with her Dad
and she is 22.........and loves to sew with Auntie
and knit too!  how lucky am I to have such a sweet niece
who is so well rounded?

this is the back of her pouch and that dark fabric will 
be the lining of her purse bag.

I am liking it so much I cut and sewed these
in MY favorite color
you think I have a "finishing" PROBLEM!???

anywho, I decided to pre-blog and schedule for the week
to give me an hour each morning to sew
so if my posts seem to not go chronologically
that is why...........
I am mentally challenged sometimes when it comes to technology
 In the meantime,,,,,,,,,if any of you would like to join me............
I'll be in the sewing room
buried under fabric and batting and thread
just where I like to be!
I am thankful I have my own sewing room at the other end of the house
where I don't disturb hubs if he wants to sleep!
I promise I will pop up every now and then and show off
my projects...........
"cause I like a pat on the back just as much as the other guys
see you soon!  hopefully with a purse set to show off!

3 comments: said...

I am anxiously awaiting the finishing of the purse cause I think it is fabulous.

Julierose said...

You enjoy yours sewing time...hugs, Julierose

Lynne said...

I, too, am grateful to my mum who taught me to knit and my Nanna who taught me to crochet (not easy since I am left-handed) and also bought me my first sewing machine and taught me to use it. I am grateful for the example set by my mother and two grandmothers who knitted, sewed, embroidered and crocheted.