Sunday, November 9, 2014

thanks for playing

today I give thanks for the ability to play....
a young niece who I used to craft with
sent me these bracelets she made for me last year
it is nice that I taught the love to craft
on to another generation

and my "kids" always like to play
lets go Mom. never mind my picture
throw that mouse!

and I am thankful that I have scraps that I can play with
to create something that will give me warmth

playing is a good thing..........
what are YOU thankful for today?

3 comments: said...

We forget about playing so young, what will teach you to play is to play with your grandchildren..

Julierose said...

Oh play is just so good for your soul--I agree totally. I got to play with Willa and Fiona --the twin whirlwinds lol--yesterday and I had such fun. Coloring in a Barbie "Sparkle" color book (yes, I actually still like to color and as always stay "in" the lines!) and crawled around with Willa under our piano and down the hallway playing doggies...I was exhausted--and not just a little sore--today, but my mind feels satisfied being "Grand'mere"...aren't we lucky??? Hugs, Julierose

Lynne said...

I am grateful for the ability to knit and sew and the willingness to have fun and play with my yarn and fabric.