Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving fun

this is the only crafting I did on Thanksgiving
(I got my fix of something fun anyway)
our Association is having its Christmas party soon
and these will be the favors
arent they cute? all "ingredients" were found at the dollar store
red cups pk of like 25
black tape
gold halogram tape
and gold trim
we will fill with candy and maybe a scratch ticket

my cat Dunkin who is usually shy around strangers, took to my neighbor right away.
it was so funny. he even felt comfortable
enough aftet the meal for his Thanksgiving nap! LOL

when she left, he went looking for her. how cute!
a great Thanksgiving day.........
I was up at 4 cooking and decorating and was in bed early but it was worth it
a good time was had by all
How about You?

3 comments: said...

Animals know when there are good people around. Dunkin is making friends.

barbara woods said...

that's cute

Lynne said...

Is this the neighbour the cats wait for regularly?
Is she also the "12 days of Christmas" neighbour from last year?
She looks very relaxed in your home. Good on you for sharing Thanksgiving with her.
Your Thanksgiving 'favours' are very seasonal and I'm sure people will love them.