Saturday, November 29, 2014

time out for me

this needs to have more 9 patches done on it

this idea needs to mull in my head
to inspire me for the other relaxing robin quilt

these guys need to be cut and sewed.
it may inspire me to paint the bedroom some soothing colors

because I want to play with my friends........
(Hi Lynne)

assembly line is the way to sew a little each day

Dunkin is such a great helper
he carefully checks out the placement
and colors

to make sure I have a quality product
dont you wish you  had such a cute assistant?

3 comments: said...

Oh I need me time today! I am so in!

Julierose said...

Oh what a wonderful helper! LOL Hugs, Julierose

Lynne said...

Love the four patches as the side border -- wish I'd thought of that!
Hi yourself! ;-)