Monday, December 1, 2014

getting ready

these would make cute little pay it forwards
I could make up a bunch and leave them for others in the mail room
they are easy peasy and the dollar store sells chapstick
so not expensive either.

could find these ornaments and starch them up and send out too

got some of these for the kiddos next weekend

cant wait! love being creative with them

gotta make some dough ornaments too

boxes to ship out

wreaths to make...........

people to remember at this time of year.
miss my mother in law...........
she had a great wit about her and would always 
make me smile
smart woman she was and will be missed
this first anniversary of her death
Miss ya MOM!

baskets to make for the maintainence guy and paper person

last minute sewing to do...........

presents to wrap

cookie recipes to perfect!

and a seperate recipe to eat  LOL

I may need to make one of these for our screen room
love the saying
to remind us to stop and smell the roses in life
for it passes us by too quickly 
and we find we didnt pay attention 
to the important stuff

what are you doing to get ready for Christmas?

my first pay it forward was donating those baby hats
I sent them to Benjamins Fund
they will pair them with blankets for babies
who wont likely live until a year old
the parents will have something that touched the baby as 
most never get to leave the hospital
very sobering thought and I am so so happy
to donate to such a great cause

3 comments: said...

December 1. Can you believe how fast the years pass? I think I have some charity quilts to finish.

Julierose said...

Wha happened to November???? the months are flying by so many things to get done on my list....and it is SO gray out there....happy sewing and crafting. time to get my cards done...hugs, Julierose

Lynne said...

Please don't ship the cutie with the box!

Getting ready for Christmas? Sewing? No, I'm sitting here fiddling with the iPad!