Saturday, December 13, 2014

hopefully back to my regularly scheduled program

why is it that projects like this start out on a whim
and then before you know it you have sewn a million miles 
of thread.......

you start auditioning fabrics because you are all pumped up to finish it
and then............
life or something gets in the way

I need to get this done
and good thing runners are fairly easy to finish
will be quilted straight stitch for sure

see what I mean? I was all gung ho on this one too
even cut out two more for the yard sale that are just that.
cut and nothing else done
and a blue one for ME

as soon as my twelve days is done ,wrapped and delivered
I will revisit these
my old "buddies"
and hopefully THIS will be their year to shine!


Julierose said...

Your "buddies" are coming along so well; see my "Are ya Havin' Any Fun" hugs, Julierose said...

Yep I have some stuff I have to get done today! At least cut and sewn.

barbara woods said...

we are all going at top speed[ not what it use to be] getting things done for Christmas

Lynne said...

I, too, am easily distracted! Especially when I reach a point in a project where I'm not loving it any more and/or there's too much un-sewing to be done!