Tuesday, December 2, 2014

how did I make that?

I remember looking at this online

and drawing out a plan

and quilting up some fabric for the body

 and planning the inside pockets

checking the fit.....

checking velcro placement

making sure it works

finishing it with binding

packing it for our meeting

and using it..........
NOW to make one for my friend for her 12 days......

this looks interesting too.
what a great picnic blanket
have old jeans..........check
fabric scraps........definitely check
I dont even think I would need batting
it seems it would be warm and heavy enough
may be a new project coming to a sewing room near you!

this is cute too. I dont have a tree skirt.
I have survived 31 years of marriage without one
don't you think I deserve one???


my second pay it forward.........donated to making a six year old
have a Merry Christmas
a friend made an apron and potholder in pink for her
I made two wish bracelets, some kittens, pink knit scarf, flower pillowcase,
chapstick keyring and got some stocking stuffer things
like crayons and notepads
my friend is making a stocking for her
and her daughter is buying her some toys
day two down.........I am liking this already!


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

What 31 years and no tree skirt? I made one years ago it was when that stuffy, fluffy patchwork was popular. GASP 1982! (I still have fabric from it, I have used in other projects. Shhhh) I then made another one about 15 years ago. It just might be about time to make one more!

Lynne said...

That tree skirt looks good -- it would make an interesting block too!

Julierose said...

Cute notebook holder--you did a super job on it...I made tree skirts for my daughter and my DIL last year...as we no longer put up a big tree--only a tabletopper--I want to make a small Dresdan plate block as a skirt for it...I think that would work...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

i have always used store bought ones but need to make me one, if i can find the time