Sunday, December 7, 2014

is it a Boy or a Girl????

Dunkin was hoping for a girl
We already have two boys that we are over the moon about
so a little girl would be nice
you know, sugar and spice...........
(ruffled bum diaper covers, girly dresses)

Grammie got prepared for BOTH
a boy AND a girl
just in case..........
and then I could have one quilt to finish later
and have on hand for another time

Over the weekend the gender was revealed.........
DRUMROLL PLEASE................

Baby Hunter Richard will be coming to live with
his Mom and Dad and family in April
Mom is tired but happy
and IS craving PICKLES 

So that means Grammie better get cracking and finish this quilt
hubs is thrilled the middle name is after him
I love the name Hunter
the two brothers (who wanted to name the baby Hulk Hogan) are
ok with Hunter. I guess there is a wrestler named Hunter LOL

I am thrilled we will have a new little one running around soon
and he will be born between my birthday and the Moms
How cool is THAT???????

my pay it forward is I gifted the Mom with the hats and outfits (except the pink one)
it helped perk her up as she is tired and drained


Julierose said...

Oh congratulations--so glad it all went well. I like the name Hunter, too. Love those two little tops; how cute are those fabrics! Hugs, Julierose said...

Oh congratulations! I have a whole passel of grandsons and they are so very special.

barbara woods said...

congrats, i next great grand is going to be a girl. we have a Hunter

Lynne said...

With two boys already and another on the way, the poor mom is going to be tired for quite a while. Send her a big hug from me and tell her I also prayed for her.