Saturday, December 13, 2014

just a quickie post this weekend.....

any of this organizer look familiar?  this 3 x 6 block piece along with another helped make the front of this organizer

remember this? I pieced this at the same time as the heart pincushion
(they match!) LOL

these were floral pieces for the inside and pockets

here, look a little closer. see one of my issues? I put the velcro
over part of one pocket
not taking it out
the pocket is still useable and there is another one
on the right side for bigger items

all I had was velcro circles so that is what I used
this was gift 1 of my 12 days that I will deliver today

see? still useable for sure

a pen area

notepad area  

and a Dunkin "Vanna" shot LOL
he is such a HAM that cat!
and knows JUST how to get on the blog

Ok Mom, thats a WRAP..........
lets get er done and delivered!

what projects are YOU working on????

my party is this weekend so am hoping to 
have some time to destress.......
we will see........
oh, You didnt know?
Yeah, my neighbor, the PRES and person running the party relinquished duties
to me the Treasurer
so I will be stressed to the max as she cant come with her sprained knee
so if you don't hear from me........
please check on me
make sure I am ok
I tricked, er asked politely of some folks to help me out.......hopefully they do

2 comments: said...

Make sure the pres does not show up to party! Not with a sprained knee. LOL Enjoy

Lynne said...

Ooo, I hope you don't get too stressed. Parties are supposed to be fun!