Monday, December 29, 2014

kites and dresdans look a lot alike

these kite shapes made into some centerpieces
look a lot like dresdans dont they?
these are the first three I sewed one morning before work

here is the one I took and finished Christmas day.........

here is the flimsy I replaced the finished one with. LOL
no wonder I love these.........
I love dresdans too
they are so so addictive to do
and it is so much fun to play in the stash
I could make it two toned too but using 4 fabrics is fun
especially when someone else cuts them out for you.......
how cool is that?
I have the best friends.........

gotta get back to this after the first of the year.
wonder if a row of kites would look good?

2 comments: said...

Row of kites sounds fabulous. Where did you get your kite template? They are kind of more angular dresdens.

Julierose said...

Very nice seems that Dunkin likes them too!
I am toying with making a Dresdan for my RSC15 --actually, truth be told, I don't know what to make--but it will only be ONE BLOCK--not a complete project each month like i did last time (duuuh!!) Hope you're having fun, hugs, Julierose