Sunday, December 21, 2014

tree over the years

my tree in 2012

my tree in 2013
hmmm less ornaments on it........
less gifts under it ( we were poorer and just bought the house LOL)

my front door in 2013......
not sure where this is this year

the wreath I made last year  
we didnt have time to make any this year
 my door is empty

last year a little side display
the bear is on my windmill in the front this year

the tree this year. no ornaments are on it.
just the lights.
told hubs it will have to do
not sure where the tub is with them
good thing the tree lights are attached LOL
the kids wont care
they just care what is under it

by the looks of it, the gifts are bigger or we are a little 
less poor LOL

I still have a few more to finish up this weekend
time is a flying
but I am more ready than I was yesterday so that is a good feeling
Christmas is starting to be a "nice" word again

this quilter is Rockin Around the Christmas tree
waiting for the Holy Night when Sleigh Bells ring
and wishing everyone 
a Holly Jolly Christmas
(don't you just love Burl Ives singing that? that is my fav along 
with Brenda Lee Rocking around the Christmas tree......
showing my age eh?)
to me those songs are more fun than Grandma got run over by a reindeer
who gets joy in that?


Julierose said...

Altho sometimes Grandma feels like she's been run over by that ol' man in his sleigh huh?? I know I do!! Ho ho ho! Hugs and good sewing to you...Julierose said...

Yeah our tree is a bit bare when it comes to ornaments. We will have to remedy that but your tree looks lovely.

Lynne said...

My favourite is "Mary Did You Know.", especially when it's song by its lyricist, Mark Lowry. My second favourite is "O Holy Night".