Sunday, December 28, 2014

still delivering gifts

Christmas day I finally had a chance to finish this one up
remember? my friend cut them out for me and I sewed up 3?
well, I batted and backed it and stitched it
I am thinking for my sister in law

see? red solid backing
(dont mind my ugly hand and sleeve
I am still in my jammies
but I think it came out cute

so what is a gal to do?
finish the other 2? nope.........took some more of the kites she cut out and sewed up this cutie
I am thinking for ME

see that rose fabric?

here .......look closer
yeah THAT beauty! love love love it!
I am thinking I have some yardage of this somewhere in my stash

and this beauty came from my friends stash
love this too!
hope your Christmas was as wonderful as mine was

Phoebe was happy and blissful
she didnt even get any gifts
but we danced to some music together. 
she loves me to hold her and dance
she gets tuckered out if we "cut a rug" LOL

this guy on the other hand..........
Well, he is JUST DUNKIN...........
my cute babies........
love them too!
I am still delivering gifts as our family is so big
and it is hard to hit them all in just a few days
ta ta..........gotta run......

5 comments: said...

Very cute. I agree love the rose it is very posh looking. I have one more gift to finish for the MIL, but we haven't seen her since DH grandma is not doing well right now.

Julierose said...

Really cute! Love that rose fabric--I think you gave me some for the greens I needed--yup--I found it--in my Sleigh bells Ring quilt--so pretty.--..hugs, have fun cuttin' a rug..I haven't done that in years! time to dance away my woes LOL...hugs, Julierose

sunny said...

I may have asked this before. Do you ever sleep? You remind me of the Energizer bunny. Just keeps going and going. That fabric is very pretty, and of course the kitties are adorable.

barbara woods said...

Love the fabric in yours

Lynne said...

Lovely fabrics!
That last photo is so cute!