Wednesday, December 3, 2014

time is a ticking

time keeps flying by
so much to do 
so little time

anyone else feel this way?
Dunkin I think is hoping for a boy......
we will soon find out boy or girl..........
we are rooting for a girl
to be born around my birthday

the first child was born the day after brother in laws birthday
the second child was born the day after my hubs birthday
so I told my daughter in law
it is my turn
a girl please born in April

she got half right so far.........
the baby is due in April
keep your fingers crossed for a girl............
we find out soon

day three and I am thinking I will compliment someone
today out of the blue
just because.........

2 comments: said...

No one is close to my birthday. But I have 4 grandchildren with birthdays on the 15th (of different months) Easy to remember.

Lynne said...

My MIl has two great-grand kids (of 13) who share her birthday. My DD was born 13 days before my birthday and her husband is the day after her -- so April 12, 13 or 25 would be good! LOL