Thursday, December 31, 2015

I did not do these

talk about inspiration
look at that deer would ya?
I need to play with my new
woodburn toy and see if I can
be half as good

and brothers would love this too!
this one looks a little easier LOL
Do any of you have other hobbies besides quilting?
My problem is I wannna do it ALL
I like to paint, knit, crochet, sew, quilt, and now wodburn

Can someone put "extra hours" on my list for next year?
Maybe Santa can try and deliver THAT 

Happy New Years Eve everyone
May 2016 bring health and happiness to you all!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas with the family...........

this is what the tree looked like before the kiddos arrived
I did NOT take a picture of my house once the two boys came
YEP JUST TWO as the little one isnt even one yet
and the mess was unbelievable! LOL
I could NOT see the floor
for paper and toys and stuff.......oh my!
but it was fun

my two little bakers brought Grammie some yummy cookies they made with 
their other Grammie.
so delish can you tell? Not many left LOL
(what? I couldnt let HUBS eat any because of the sugar. I was
being a good wifey.....that's my story and I am sticking to it)

Mama got a new pair of slippers from soft and comfy!

and some purfume from Phoebe.
she knows what her Mama likes.....  ;-)

and a layer cake from each of them.
arent they the smartest kitties you eva saw?
son gave us some nice gift cards which are burning a hole in hubs
he cant wait to go spend them! LOL
he has this soundbar thingy in mind for the tv
meantime we still have to order his chair 
and get his kindle fire.........
we wanted to wait till after the Christmas rush
to take our time and get what we want
hope your Christmas was as grand as mine.
love spending it with family......
the presents are nice
but it's the PRESENCE of family
that makes it special
don't you agree?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

friends are the BEST especially quilting friends.........

Look how lucky I am!
sorry posted so late but I want to give every gift its
turn to shine......
look at all these goodies from JulieRose
you know Julie, right?

yeah she is a sweetie pie......

all kinds of goodies in here. 
a dammit doll! I love it!  I will certainly use that
frequently LOL
a jelly roll to play with
some true grips (I dont have any believe it or not. fun)
some hexagon window templates

oh yes! I think I am going to have a FUN 2016 with all these new toys!
but I have to say I need to use the doll now!
dammit...........I cant play yet!
ha ha  I have more cleaning to do
I am trying to rearrange my sewing room.......
yeah I know.....

Thanks Julie!  Love ya girl!  Hugs.........

Monday, December 28, 2015

another stocking!

my sewing buddy must read my blog! LOL
she also filled a stocking for me.......
She MADE the stocking and it is beautiful
all homespun fabrics and so pretty

and look at all these goodies that were inside!
some cookies and candy
snowman decoration
snowman notepad
cherish the simple things sign (love it)
homemade new mugrug just for me out of blue tumblers!
homemade magnets for my fridge
and look at that ruler pincushion
made just for ME
love her!

I love love love homemade gifts
because I know they were made FOR ME
and they are a piece of the giver

how flipping cute is that pincushion!
I bet YOU want one don't cha...........
nope, it's MINE..........
I do cherish the simple things
and I LOVE my sewing buddy
thanks Jackie!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

anyone planning for next Christmas already?

this is a very cool woodburned deer. 
nope I didnt do it but wish I had
am thinking of a cool sign 
for my brothers cabin for next year

and remember these? yeah, they never happened
so maybe...........
we will see...............

and maybe my niece can gather some of these for me 
to make for my brothers cabin

the other brother now bought land in the same area
so I am thinking that some cabin crafts are in order for next year

Am I nuts? just getting over Christmas and already planning Christmas 2016?????

guess I better get a move on. Maybe just maybe I can FINISH all the projects I want 
for gifts.

How about YOU?
what are YOU working on?

I am cleaning out my sewing room.
(what? I just took a short pinterest break........
no such thing as a short pinterest break?
ok so I took a break. I am going back in there
I am. I am.........Maybe I will show my progress)

that room is a disaster and I need to make it workable.......

my stocking was full

remember how hubs wanted stockings?
and I couldnt understand it?
well, I guess he just wanted the fun of filling
one for me. how sweet
not shown are the many losing lottery tickets
he bought LOL
but I have a new shower brush, candy, deodorant
coal (cause I have been bad?) LOL
and some of my favorite purfume.
thanks Santa!

um, Mom WE helped Dad pick out those things

yeah, you didnt think we would let him go SHOPPING BY HIMSELF
did ya????

Saturday, December 26, 2015

making next years list

I LOVE this quilt........
did I say how much I LOVE this quilt????
I am thinking of making something like this
for me
using some scraps and my own pattern
the homey details of it just
speak to me

and this is such a cool looking runner.
I think I want to try it out
always wanted to try bargello
and some Christmas fabrics lend themselves
to a pretty applique ornament

this is another favorite of mine.
I dont have the pattern but love this one too

and somewhere in this mess of a sewing room
is a ton of hankys
given to me by my Aunts and Gram and Mom
that I would LOVE to put into a pretty quilt to hand down
with a history on the back
are you making next years project list?
will you be finishing up UFO's?
(I of course, eh hmmm....... Don't have any of those.
I don't....If I cant see em they dont exist, right?)

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Its Christmas Eve!!

the table is all decorated..........

the kids are asleep..........

stockings are hung............

gingerbreads are being made.............

gifts have been delivered outside the home
to make room for Santa's gifts...........

oops......Dunkin forgot to leave Santa some cookies......
last minute prep you know.........

K Mom. My eyes are shut.........I am sleeping
ok? don't tell Santa.......

Phoebe really IS sleeping......

and soon this pile will become
paper and bows and lots of fun things
for the recipients.........

From our house to yours............

Have a Very merry Christmas!
we are enjoying it with our grandsons
and making memories
coloring on pajamas
making gingerbread trains
and eating till we drop
then opening up gifts
and playing until it is time
to go home and sleep before Santa arrives tomorrow.

for my niece

I made some little hats for my niece out of this same pattern
used plain blue for a boy

they look like this before sewing them up............

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Im dreaming of a white Christmas

while trying to find a certain picture
I found this in my pics.

for the first time in a LONG time
I can honestly say
even though I do not LIKE snow

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.

I don't think there is any in the forecast
but come January...........

Are you getting snow for Christmas?

Happy birthday today to my sister and
friend Dianne!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

painting is my other love

I saved this an inspiration
to paint on a slate or something
I love to paint

I have not had time to lately.......
but may need to slow down in 2016 and paint more.

I made this in 1997
doesnt this cardinal look mean? LOL

Monday, December 21, 2015

not bad for my first woodburning try

I love the deer.  think he came out adorable

the cardinal is not too bad either.......

but the bear.........lets just say I need to work on his face.
all in all though I am happy with how they 
turned out.
the other side of each one has a
snowflake that I didnt get to photograph

now to figure out if I want to drill a hole or put in an eyehook
to be able to hang them.......
then shellac them up and make more......

what do you think?

Sunday, December 20, 2015

birch discs

remember the birch discs my brother "made me" 
from clearing his land in Maine?
well I decided to try and play around with images 
that I want to woodburn.

niece has these cool animal stencils I borrowed.
this one a cardinal..........

and of course I had to have a deer......
now I just need an hour or so to fire up the woodburning 
tool and hope my hand is steady enough
to make them look decent

this was the inspiration from pinterest..........
if they dont come out good then on to plan B........


niece called and needs an emergency baby gift
so will try and make some hats and bibs for her to pickup later
on today
never a dull moment........

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas is about family

Christmas is about family
this is my baby brothers family last year
As you can see the little one was NOT interested
in picking out a tree LOL
I turned this into an ornament for them to remember the memory

and this is my Dad and us 5 kids. was taken about 6 years ago
from the back my middle brother, Dad, baby brother
front is me chocking sis LOL and my older brother.
I am the oldest (can you tell?)
nice picture with Dad 
we dont get too many. he hates cameras LOL

this is my brother who is building a house in Maine
so we wont see him this Christmas
they will be up there trying to do more inside work
to the cabin.
they will use it to hunt..............

these poor little guys......
it is nice that my two brothers, the oldest and the middle one, take my
Dad up there with them. He helps them by telling them how to do it
as he built our family home many years ago.
it keeps him thinking and active. 
he says he is the "gofer" guy
Go for some hinges, some nails etc.
ha ha
yep, family is the best!