Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 early morning sewing

I FINALLY did a finish! LOL  first one for 2015
we have not exchanged gifts with this niece yet
so I am so so excited!!!!
(I did have a backup gift too)
the front of the bag has a buck on it and a wooden button closure

the back has the doe and fawn
love that fabric. I think I used every little smidgen of it

this is the inside with two small pockets for whatever she needs

and here is an eyeglass case, chapstick holder keyring and a pillowcase
to coordinate
Whoot Whoot! bring it on 2015!!!!
I GOT THIS!!!!!!

this is a good project done for Vroomans lets book it! the pattern was an old 
Missouri quilt pattern. I printed it off the internet years ago and never made it

I am glad I did!


Julierose said...

Just a really beautiful bag, Dawn love all those pockets--so neat! I like the wooden button closure, too. Great piece of work! Hugs, Julierose said...

I was wondering about the bag. It turned out gorgeous. Great job.

sunny said...

I just finished eating my breakfast, and you already have a project done? Kudos to you on the cute bag.

Lynne said...

Yahoo! What a great start to the year!
How did I spend the first? Late to bed (1:15), up early (6am), pancakes for breakfast made by WM, back to bed, reading blogs, coffee with friends, television with WM and plans to sew tomorrow when he's back at work!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Great project and congrats on a lovely finish.

barbara woods said...

Love that bag!