Saturday, January 24, 2015

a top for a guy

found this to in the quilting things
It is very long and narrow
if I can find the right fabric I am 
thinking I need to add wide sides and make it 
a finish
it was made of duck panels
and has a shiny blue fabric
and green scaly print fabric
not even sure but feels like a little poly may be in there
if I quilt it again with straight lines real close
maybe, just maybe I can get another finish

see the duck?  it has other colors I can bring out too
like a brown
or another shade of blue or green
he is also in the lineup if I can find appropriate
fabric for the sides and back
if not, he may get chopped into something smaller
like totes?  we will see 
I want a finish!


Julierose said...

Nice panels! This would be perfect for a gu when finished...hugs, Julierose said...

How old do you think your panels are? I love the colors you are using in it. I agree with Julierose it would be a lovely man's quilt.

Lynne said...

The panels are great. The fabric looks very shiny!

barbara woods said...

maybe your hubby a leg quilt?