Monday, January 19, 2015

August is sewn and ready too

Here is August. boats and sunny things like blue gingham
ready to batt and back

then I will just need Sept and Oct

hmmmm......... I had bought this Elementary pack
from Missouri Quilt
you think it was subconscious?

Maybe if I take some of these prints
and stitch them up crazy quilt style
and pair with a nice neutral

Sept may be coming up soon.......
And Oct I have a plan

that will finish them off because the recipient has Nov and Dec already.
fun fun............

2 comments: said...

I wish I had bought some of the elementary. I think the fabric is sooo cute. Love the August.

Julierose said...

I wish it were august right now--this gray weather is too much. good thing you have your quilt projects to liven it up--nice kites...hugs, Julierose